All new assignments will be acknowledged within 24 business hours.


  1. 24 business hour contact with all parties.
  2. If no contact can be made by telephone, a letter will be mailed to the relevant party requesting they call us as soon as possible.


  1. Aggressive investigation will begin within 24 business hours.
  2. All preliminary investigation will be completed within 7 days and documented in our first report.


  1. First reports will be sent within 7 days.
  2. Status reports will be sent every 30 days.
  3. Special client reporting requirements will be primary and followed at all times.
  4. Reports will be meaningful, document investigation completed to date and indicate any remaining activity left to be done.


Reserves will be recommended on all Full Adjustments unless there are specific instructions to the contrary or the loss involves a high exposure target risk.


  1. All open Adjuster files are audited monthly. New Adjuster open files are audited at least twice a month. Written direction is provided to the Adjuster after the audit.
  2. All Adjuster reports are reviewed and approved by a Supervisor/Manager before they are sent to the client.
  3. Special handling instructions, pricing and coverage are reviewed by the Manager/Supervisor and the Adjuster before any investigation begins.
  4. All Adjusters are subject to quarterly files audits and graded on service, quality and education.
  5. All Managers, Supervisors and Adjusters are subject to a monthly reporting compliance audit of all open files.


  1. All files will contain detailed progress notes indicating all investigation that has been completed.
  2. Subrogation and Salvage opportunities will be investigated on every claim.
  3. Index information will be provided when requested by the client.
  4. If Capstone is served or becomes aware of a Complaint that has been filed, the client will be notified immediately.
  5. Training is ongoing for all employees regardless of how long they have worked in the industry. Training consists of Insurance Institute courses and nationally recognized training classes.
  6. All employees are required to obtain their AIC or CPCU designation within 3 years of employment.

General Principles

  1. We will always abide by and be familiar with the Unfair Claims Practices Act adopted by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners.
  2. In the event of a Conflict of Interest, we will notify both clients immediately. If one client indicates they do not want us to handle both claims, we generally keep the first assignment received unless we are the Third Party Administrator for the other client.
  3. We do not accept gifts from anyone including clients, vendors, claimants; or insured's.
  4. We only engage in dealing with salvage on behalf of our client. We never bid for or purchase salvage on behalf of Capstone. All salvage proceeds will be in the form of a check, certified/cashier's check or money order. The payee will be the client and not Capstone.